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MITSUBISHI OSA104 Absolute encoder
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MITSUBISHI OSA104 Absolute encoder

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC pulse coder reference OSA104 (OSA 104) for sale online

 this encoder which is an absolute pulse coder. This absolute pulse coder is mounted on MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC servo motor type HA (exemple:HA103NCS).

 This MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC OSA104 (OSA 104) encoder is ready to replace your defective OSA104 (OSA 104) pulse coder and is sold with a warranty.

A metal disc containing a set of concentric rings of openings is fixed to an insulating disc, which is rigidly fixed to the shaft.

 A row of sliding contacts is fixed to a stationary object so that each contact wipes against the metal disc at a different distance from the shaft. 

As the disc rotates with the shaft, some of the contacts touch metal, while others fall in the gaps where the metal has been cut out. 

The metal sheet is connected to a source of electric current, and each contact is connected to a separate electrical sensor.